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Barbara offers bespoke ceremonies that are written with highly personalized content and delivered with an equal amount of care. Ceremonies by Something Blue are engaging, relaxed and a celebration of love. Special care is taken to guide you through every step of the marriage legalities as well as through the ceremony itself. It will be a comfort knowing that from the first meeting to the issuing of the marriage certificates you will be provided with support that is both professional and caring.
Barbara will work very closely with you to ensure that your ceremony is uniquely yours. There are certain aspects of the ceremony we have to include to make you legally married-but the rest is yours to do with as you wish. You can be traditional, formal, spiritual, easy going & relaxed, fun, serious, quirky, romantic etc or a mix of all –the choice is yours.
There are also a range of unique ceremonies that can be incorporated into your day to make your day memorable not just for you, but also your guests. These ceremonies include symbols and items used to depict your love, your commitment and your bond. I love nothing more than creating a ceremony that you love. I'm always proud when couples remember their ceremony with as much fondness as they do their reception.
Love Locks Ceremony


Love locks are a custom by which sweethearts lock padlocks together and affix them to a chain joined together in a never ending circle. A unique ceremony idea using love heart shaped padlocks with your names and special date engraved on them.
As your hearts are now joined together in love, so will these love locks (padlocks) be locked together forever. Lock the love padlocks together and throw away the keys at your favourite place, Or send them on a journey, tie them to helium balloons to be released into the sky. The love locks can now be placed on the brides wrist for the rest of the ceremony. The love lock wedding ceremony will leave you with a beautiful memento of your wedding day.


*Small additional charge applies for the purchase of items used in this ceremony.

Handfasting Ceremony


Handfasting creates a symbol of infinity as the couples hands are joined creating a figure "8" representing infinity. The hands are then bound by either your celebrant or a member of your family with ribbons of colours to be determined by the couple. This is also where the symbol of "tying the knot" comes from. The ribbons then carry on as a symbol of your unbroken committment to each other.




*Small additional charge applies for the purchase of items used in this ceremony.

Sand Ceremony


A unity sand ceremony using coloured sand works particularly well when blending families; giving each child a role within the wedding ceremony and highlighting his or her importance within the family unit.
Like colours of the rainbow we are all different and special, valuable, and precious.

The different coloured sand is added by family members or friends which blend together, never to be separated.




*Small additional charge applies for the purchase of items used in this ceremony.

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